About EDF

EDF aims to be Pakistan's leading Fund supporting Entrepreneurs through Coaching/Mentorship and Funding.

What we do:

  1. Invite Entrepreneurs to Share and Discuss ideas

  2. Provide Coaching and Mentorship 

  3. Provide Funding

  4. Guide Entrepreneur with Strategy and Direction

  5. Help with Financial Modelling and Business Valuation

  6. Provide Network for additional investment rounds

Note from Founders:

"We believe Pakistan as a nation has a lot of potential. There are many talented people with great ideas, who don’t have access to proper funding and mentorship. We believe with some help these highly talented individuals can achieve great success!" 

- Saniya & Bilal Doni 



​There are 4 primary criteria of our Investment Philosophy:

Stage of the firm: 

  • We invest in early-stage companies that have successfully demonstrated that their business has mass appeal

Management / Founder Quality:

  • We invest in driven and motivated founders with a passion to lead their business and the capability to scale it up 


  • We are sector-agnostic - we look at opportunities in all sectors from Technology to Agriculture  ​


  • We have investments in Pakistan, Canada and GCC countries  


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