Meetings Week in Karachi, Pakistan

Last few days have been crazy busy meeting up with many Entrepreneurs/Investors/Enablers in Karachi, Pakistan.

Special thanks to people who have helped us learn more about the Startup and Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan.

Some of the great business ideas we have met so far are the following: 1- Edible Spoon 2- Delivery 360

3- WashEz

4- World Auto Source 5- Paddlers Point 6- Book a Bus

7- Eventish

They all will be present at our Networking Event on December 15th, 2017

We met some very smart and talented enablers, who are very active in helping Entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Key names include: 1- Dr Shahid Qureshi - IBA CED 2- Azfar Hussain - Incubation Centre at ICCBS 3- Adeil Durvesh - IoBM Faculty & Social Entrepreneur 4- Riaz Ahmed, 10XC 5- Soha Zulfiqar, Women Entrepreneurship Program at IBA CED 6- Azad Ahmed - IBA CED 7- Eram Abbasi - IBA Faculty & President of JumpStart Pakistan 8- Asif Jafri - Momentum Tech Conference Pakistan 9- Farzal Dojki - Dot Zero

10- Atif Iqbal - IoBM Faculty & Social Entrepreneur

Thanks everyone for all their help and support. We look forward to working with you all.


Team EDF

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