"Let’s Network" – our first networking event in Karachi was a huge success!

EDF is extremely pleased with the positive response at its first networking event “Let’s Network” in Karachi, Pakistan.

Event was highly exclusive with a closely monitored “invite-only” list. We hosted 60 smart and talented stakeholders to engage in highly meaningful conversations. We had the pleasure to host 30 Entrepreneurs, 15 Investors and 15 Enablers.

Our senior leadership team shared the idea behind EDF, how we plan to operate it and what our vision is for the future years. We gathered support from the involved stakeholders, who are active in the Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan.

Our President

Our President's Speech


Our CEO's Speech


We hosted a panel of speakers to share their experiences. Key speakers included:

1- Investor's Perspective: Mohammad Shoaib, Chief Executive – Al Meezan Investments

2- Entrepreneur's Perspective: ​Arif Doni, Founder – Doni Group

3- Enabler's Perspective: ​Syed Azfar Hussain, Incubation Centre at ICCBS

4- Enabler's Perspective: ​Soha Zulfiqar, Women Entrepreneurship Program IBA CED

5- Enabler's Perspective: ​Adeil Durvesh, IoBM Faculty & CEO – ParhaoSabaq

6- Enabler's Perspective: ​Riaz Ahmad, 10xC