Collaboration with JumpStart Pakistan

EDF is pleased to announce collaboration with JumpStart Pakistan to work together to develop and grow entrepreneurial and startup culture in Pakistan.

Both organizations will mutually assist each other in building a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Pakistan through investing in startups and entrepreneurs.

We thank Khurram Mujtaba, Eram Abbasi, Shaikh Ayaz Ali and Fakhar Abbas from the JumpStart Team.

Please wish us success.


Team EDF


About EDF

"EDF aims to be Pakistan's leading Fund supporting Entrepreneurship Development through Coaching/Mentorship and Financial Funding".

About Jump Start Pakistan

"Jumpstart Pakistan – an initiative through which you can play your part in changing Pakistan. If you want to be part of this initiative, our only requirement is for you to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset!

There are plenty of small and medium size enterprises in Pakistan headed by CEOs who went through a complete Entrepreneurial Life Cycle. They started out with very primitive setup, successfully gone through startup stage, scaled the company and achieved what every entrepreneur dream of achieving. They will be the shepherds, mentors, and investors for our new prospective entrepreneurs with excellent ideas".

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